A Great dehumidifier for your home

Eva-Dry Edv-2200: Features And Review

The Eva-Dry Edv-2200 is a very affordable, efficient and compact dehumidifier, used perfectly in small to medium size rooms. It’s energy consumption is extremely low and the price point is very aggressive making it one of the most popular appliance options for homeowners. It’s the perfect solution for a household that needs just a small amount of moisture removed from their environment. Click here for more on best dehumidifiers.

How To Use The Eva-Dry Edv-2200

Dehumidifier work by taking out the excess moisture from a designated area. Mold,mildew and other organisms can help to be prevented by the use of a dehumidifier. The compact nature of the Eva-Dry Edv-2200 makes it an ideal unit for your smaller areas or rooms. It also does an excellent job in places like a boat or RV. This model, due to it’s smaller size works best in areas that are moderately moist but is not a good option for someone with a very wet area to dry up.

Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Features

One of the best features of the Eva-Dry Edv-2200 is it’s small stature. This design makes it very portable and you can hide it out of sight easily. A couple of cups of water will be collected each day in the moisture container allowing you to hold a few days worth at a time before needing it to be emptied. The dehumidifier comes with a sensor letting you know when the reservoir is full. This unit features Peltier technology and also includes a light indicator on the front when it needs to be emptied.

Peltier Technology

Pelitier Technology is the method of absorbing water for an environment by using an electric current to transfer heat from one area to another. This technology requires a lot of energy to get the little amount work done making it very inefficient but ideal for a small dehumidifier like the Eva-Dry Edv-2200. This is due to the unit being small, flexible, and affordable. No moving parts or liquid is needed due to the presence of Pelitier Technology.

Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Pros

Due to the technology of this dehumidifier it is very quiet. You can hear it running when it is on but is not loud enough to become a nuance. One feature that is most appealing is the weight. Weighing in at less than 7 pounds makes this unit easy to maneuver and move from place to place. The price on the Eva-Dry Edv-2200 is very attractive making it very powerful unit for the price point. Probably the best feature of all is the auto shutoff feature. You will never overflow your water container with this feature in place. These dehumidifiers are also very helpful in protecting your best gun safes which are prone to humidity. Click here for more on gun safes.

Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Cons

Although not usually an issue light sleepers have complained about the noise. Keep in mind though this a very quiet option to most dehumidifiers.The unit is designed for small areas with a limited amount of moisture that needs to be taking out of the atmosphere. Large spaces or very damp moist ares are not recommend for this model. Another con to this unit is the container is not easily removed to clean.

The Eva-Dry Edv-2200 is a fantastic bargain and addition to your home or space that needs moisture removed. If you have a small area don’t waste your hard earned money on a full size, expensive dehumidifier. The Eva-Dry Edv-2200 could be the answer you are looking for. You will not be sorry.

Levels in Reverse (George Monev Edit)

So I guess it is all about joke songs today, first the bit about Skrillex and now a completely new take on Avicii’s “Levels” (and I thought that there couldn’t be any more original “Levels” Remixes). This time the song is played backwards, and it actually sounds pretty good. The only thing that is played regularly is the vocals, which is probably a good thing because I heard that when you play the vocals in reverse it says: “Avicii is Dead.” For more on electronic drum sets go to http://bestofbests.net/best-electronic-drum-set-reviews/

Levels in Reverse (George Monev Edit) – Avicii

Featured Artist: Special Features

In this day and age, it is rare that I ever find an artist that I can’t find one song by them that I don’t like. Well this has happened with Special Features, and I am not lying when I say I absolutely love every one of their songs. However, there is one caveat to all of this: I actually prefer the original version of “Feel So Close” over Special Features’ remix. But I may be a bit biased here, I really like Calvin Harris.

In My Mind (Special Features Remix) – Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl, Axwell

Look Into Your Eyes (Special Features Remix) – Max Vangeli

Happy Violence (Special Features Remix) – Dada Life

Feel So Close (Special Features Remix) – Calvin Harris

Strobe (Special Features Remix) – Deadmau5

Sunshine (Special Features Remix) – Avicii & David Guetta

Summer Songs: Hands (Goldroom Remix) & Others

I think I have come up for a reason as to why the east coast has had such great weather lately, and no, it’s not because of climate change. It’s because of WLTD’s near weekly installation of Summer Songs! This week I have for you a variety of songs, one Nu-Disco (which I unfortunately cannot provide the download for, sorry!), some indie pop, and some remixes. Nowadays some best electronic drum set is used to produced great quality songs.One thing that I am noticing from Summer Songs is that there is a strong correlation between Nu-Disco and Summer.

Angeles (Follow Me Remix) – Goldroom

Time To Dance (SebastiAn Remix) – The Shoes

Bright Lights Big City (Mercury Remix) – Clubfeet

A New Name To Go By – Deportees

Tears – We Are Knights

Where did these guys come from? Although the answer is France, their talent is seemingly coming out of nowhere. Their music is chill, slightly electronic, and very refreshing—well at least that is how I can describe their song that I am currently listening to, “Tears.” Their other music, which can be found on their Soundcloud is a little more light and poppy, but equally good (I also really like “Out Of Sight”).

What to look for in Sofa Bed Furniture

Sofa bed furniture is quite different than it was fifty years ago when an entire box spring was hidden under your cushions and weighed a ton. With new technology comes comfort without weight and designs that blend in naturally. Also known as sofa sleepers, we have our neighbors, the Asians, to thank for new comfortable designs that are simple and functional.sofa

Known over the years for the futon, the new idea for sofa bed furniture was borrowed from this concept of lightweight comfort that takes up little space. Futons became popular and perfect for a teenager’s room replacing a still heavy daybed that had heavy springs for support. Now this sofa bed furniture 2015 has expanded into living areas with rich wood or chrome legs, removable arms, a wide array of materials and of course, the fold down option of movable parts.

Studio apartments are a growing option and cutting down on square footage in homes to save on utilities makes sofa bed furniture a creative way to keep much needed space but still add style to an area. A spare bedroom is not a necessity any longer when you can put up guests in living space or make an extra bed in your child’s bedroom or den.

Mattresses for sofa bed furniture have changed with our step into the green future in moving away from petroleum-based products and shown us that all natural is the way to go. Natural latex mattresses are made from latex rubber that is found in renewable trees and do not give any danger of dust mites. Dust mites and bacteria cannot survive in rubber. There are also no toxins released from latex rubber that causes many of today’s allergens. Wrapped in pure wool or cotton, today’s latex mattresses are a great comfort to residents in more ways than one.

Many manufacturers of sofa bed furniture offer different positions of lounges for whatever mood you’re in. Similar to a lounge chair in this respect, you can choose an upright angle, completely flat, or anywhere in between. Perfect for watching television, reading a book or entertaining guests, this versatile piece of furniture fits well in any area. Leather, micro-fiber, tweed or vinyl coverings are popular choices in durable material.

There are also sectionals that make up sofa bed furniture with easy to move around pieces that include chairs and ottomans in matching Euro designs for mixing and matching in different rooms in your home. If you are still hooked on the pull out sofa bed furniture, it is still available in stunning designs and colors and not as bulky and heavy as in the past but with today’s options and active lifestyle, you have choices that can make your home whatever you choose it to be.

Dietary Foods And Fruits Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidant dietary health products play a vital part in preserving our overall health and well being and more significantly also helps in growth of healthy hair. They are meant to reduce the chemical reactions caused by toxins or free radicals.

These free radicals are atoms which are extremely unstable or volatile that is produced within our body. It is possible that they may destroy the cellular structure contributing to numerous health problems and aging disorders. Not only that, based on the free-radical aging concept, these highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) are prone to ruin the DNA proteins as well the whole cellular system such as the cell walls and cell organelles.

This effect of the toxins on the cellular structure and the resulting problems caused has often been associated to a wide spread illnesses and chronic ailments such as cancers, arthritis or inflammation in the joints, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and various other diseases.

These harmful chemical reactions can be decelerated or completely prevented from occurring in your body with the help of anti-oxidants. The oxidation effect can be stopped by means of the anti-oxidant interacting with an intermediate or even directly preventing by itself. Thus they interact with the toxic substances and halt the oxidation process from happening again.

The anti-oxidants can be taken as dietary supplements which are available in the form of pills and capsules. Various experimental researches performed on anti-oxidants have indicated that they have various benefits for our health and wellness.

However, excess antioxidant supplementation may be counter-productive. On the other hand too much of intake of these antioxidants could be a major deterrent. A proper, nutritious and balanced diet along with the antioxidant pills makes wonders in improving your hair’s condition and so you can maintain a strong and healthy hair.

There are a number of organic dietary foods and fruits which are rich in antioxidants and are considered as pure natural remedies for the hair loss problems. The free radical cleansing dietary supplements are normally found in in several forms like fruits and veggies, whole grain and cereal products, legumes, nuts and so on.

The following are the foods rich in antioxidants: Fruits like berries and peppers, skin of apples, cider and wine, vegetables such as spinach and tea leaves, fungi (mushrooms), whole grain cereals like hops, barley, millet and maize, all the nuts such as pecans, pistachios, almonds, and cocoa beans like chocolate, coffee are all the food items which contain antioxidants in larger quantities.

Polyphenol antioxidants

Polyphenol antioxidants are one type of antioxidants that features several attributes of phenol which are organic compounds. It is present in various foods which contain phytonutrients such as legumes (almost all the legume types); fruits like apples, blackberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, grapes, pears, plums, raspberries, and strawberries; vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, celery, onion and parsley. These foods contain a rich supplement of polyphenol antioxidants.

Vitamins rich in antioxidants
Vitamins A, C and E are those which are excellent sources of antioxidants.

Vitamin A
Retinol is the chemical scientific name for vitamin A .It is rich in antioxidants and yellow in color. A fat soluble vitamin, it is present more in foods obtained from animals such as eggs, liver, whole milk and processed foods like low-fat milk, cereals and breads. The dark-colored pigments that can be observed in plant foods like fruits and vegetables (especially dark green leafy ones) is nothing but vitamin A. It includes spinach, cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash as well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is also a rich and natural source of antioxidant that is useful for keeping your hair strong and healthy. Foods rich in Vitamin C are citrus fruits like lemon and orange, kiwi, pineapple, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes along with their skins and dark green leafy vegetables. It is suggested that regular intake of vitamin C of about 60 mg per day, helps you stay healthy and free from hair problems.

Vitamin E

It improves blood circulation in the scalp which is very essential for the proper growth of hair. Foods containing vitamin E are wheat germ oil, soybeans, raw seeds and nuts, dried beans and veggies. A dosage of about 400 IU of vitamin E every day provides greater benefits to health.